A Vault Vision

The Vault 206 Vision is you. If you are reading this, then you have carefully been thought of, dreamed about, and prayed over. Our vision is to give our customers the confidence they deserve for all events of life, and use fashion to see it through. Your outfits require thought from you every day, and we want to make shopping & styling an effortless feat. We want you to visit our website, or walk in our stores, and immediately feel like you have reached the right place. We strive for greatness, for growth, and to reach our goals every single day. But more importantly, we never stop getting back up when things get tough. We hope to place these exact ideals into each customer that we reach. We want you to count on us as a place to land when you don't know what to wear, when you've had a rough week, or when you are in need of a good shopping spree, because we know that an outfit is SO much more than just an outfit. 

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Vault 206

206 W Barnard St, Glennville, Ga 30427

Tues - Fri, 7:00am-6:00pm

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Phone: 912-654-4298

Email: shop@vault206.com

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