Southern Marsh

Southern Marsh Riptide Beach Towel

Southern Marsh Riptide Beach Towel

$ 55.00

These beach towels are us! If you haven't ditched those small towels from the dollar store and traded in for a BIG, thick beach towel...then what you doin'? These towels are so soft, so absorbent, and you will not regret when you get to the beach and your beach towel can hold you AND your personal items around you, or when you go to the pool and it covers the entire chair! Seriously, we will stand by this awesome beach towel all day. The Riptide Beach Towel is bright red and features a navy fish design.

  • 100% Cotton Terry Cloth
  • Fold Over Printed Tag
  • Embroidered Lettering
  • Herringbone Edge Taping
  • Custom Riptide Pattern
  • 35” x 70”