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It's Electric Lightning Bolt Tee

It's Electric Lightning Bolt Tee

$ 26.72


It's Electric! (if the tune didn't just pop in your head, then idk what you're doing with your life, girll) Our new lightning bolt tee is the BEST! It's shorter, so it's easier for tucking in. It's a heathered taupe color, which I don't see often. It features a washed out red, yellow, and blue lightning bolt, which is perfect for all year round. And the fit is relaxed! It could not be better. This tee is a comfy crew neck short sleeve tee, and will pair great with all your denim!

  • 50% Polyester | 3% Cotton | 13% Rayon
  • Hand wash cold
  • Length: 23" | Bust: 32" (Small)
  • Sizes S-L
  • Runs true to size